Sixth Form College at Chisholm House – Chisholm House, will be re-purposed and renovated to be a carbon neutral building using the latest innovative technologies to bring this ground-breaking and modern building to the heart of the town centre. It will attract 16- to 18-year-old, young adults from the surrounding Northamptonshire area.

Multi-use Building – Located in the town centre area, this project is for a multi-purpose facility to provide permanent new accommodation for a modern Arts and Community Centre, as well as meet the identified demand for creative, media and the third sector uses. It will help to increase trips, pedestrian flows and spend across the town, and will improve the town’s overall permeability.

Corby Station Links – will look to improve the public realm and provide an attractive and safe pedestrian/cycle connections between the town centre, Tresham College and the train station along the southern route of Oakley Road. It will connect the station directly with the Chisholm House and the Multi-use building projects and make a significant contribution to the active healthy travel agenda and help to reduce congestion and emissions across Corby.

Smart and Connected Corby – This project seeks to establish Corby as a smart and green town centre through harnessing connected and clean technologies. Using the latest connected and smart technology will enable us to monitoring flows of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, shoppers, and visitors to understand the present and predict the future. 

Train station Corby