Corby Station Link Road & Smart & Connect Corby Projects

Corby Station Link Road – will look to improve the public realm and provide an attractive and safe pedestrian/cycle connections between the town centre, Tresham College and the train station along the southern route of Oakley Road. It will connect the station directly with the Chisholm House and the Multi-use building projects and make a significant contribution to the active healthy travel agenda and help to reduce congestion and emissions across Corby.

Smart & Connected Corby projects – will allow the monitoring of the usage along the sensor routes of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists in an unobtrusive way to understand how these roads, cycleways and paths are being used. This will help future projects as the town’s population increases over the next decade. This sensor network can be extended in the future to increase this structure across the area.

A public consultation period on these combined projects will take place between Wednesday 1st November – Friday 22nd December 2023.  Please follow the link for more information

NEWS  Consultation launched on Corby Towns Fund projects

Corby Station Link Road & Smart & Connected Corby public consultation-have your say!

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Corby Station Link Road & Smart Corby Questionnaire


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